MedBlue Announces MedBlue Grant Awards for 2018

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MedBlue Announces New Request for Proposals

MedBlue Incubator is now accepting proposals from Duke Faculty for project funding by MedBlue. Submit your proposal to Dr. Dani Bolognesi ( by November 15, 2016. For your submission, please provide a summary of your project with the following information. Brief introduction of overall scope Technology description Development status and proposed milestones Commercial opportunity IP … Read More

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MedBlue Incubator Launches New Website

We’ve redesigned and launched our new website for easier access to information about MedBlue Incubator. Please explore, and use the contact us link to reach out with any questions or feedback.

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Following the Request for Proposals that closed at the end of 2018, MedBlue is pleased to announce that the following Duke faculty will receive a grant from MedBlue, along with professional services, to facilitate the development and commercialization of the funded technology.

Duke Faculty & Staff                Company                      Technology

Thomas Tedder,         AntigenomYics, Inc.       Antigenome technology for Evgueni Kountikov                                               antibody target identification

Bruce Sullenger         Basking Biosciences, Inc.     Antidote-controlled vWF                                                                                               inhibitor

Adam Wax                  Lumedica Vision, Inc.       ophthalmic imaging (OCT)

Mohamed Ibrahim    Piedmont BioMed, Inc.     optical oxygen biosensor

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