About Us

MedBlue Incubator was founded in 2013 to identify promising new science and technology from the Duke University Medical Center and Duke University. We are a for-profit C corporation operating as a business incubator for member departments that include the departments of Surgery, Pathology, Anesthesiology, Medicine, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics.

As a university-focused incubator, our goal is to identify and assist in the development of promising ideas, discoveries, innovations and technologies from the faculty that have commercial potential. We know that obtaining research & development funding is challenging, so we offer an innovative approach to recognizing, prioritizing and advancing those opportunities with the potential to reach a liquidity event.

MedBlue Incubator works seamlessly with its member departments at Duke University and the Duke University Office of Licensing & Ventures (OLV) to identify promising IP originating within those departments to form companies around the IP, coupled with advice and counsel on what additional work needs to be done to advance it toward potential partnership and/or commercialization. 

Our advice and expertise can assist with answering the questions all entrepreneurs face, such as:

    • What is the optimal strategy for protecting the IP?
    • What technical work should be considered to advance and complete the already underway research & development to progress to a stage where some form of a liquidity event or additional funding might be feasible?
  • What are the potential sources of funding to advance the R&D, such as additional university-related funding sources, governmental funding, contributions from related foundations, or some form of sponsored funding from the private sector?
Our Services for Duke University
The morning sun glows on the Duke Cancer Center and Duke Medicine Pavilion campus.
The morning sun glows on the Duke Cancer Center and Duke Medicine Pavilion campus.

MedBlue Incubator provides professional services to the entrepreneurs in, and to companies spun out from, the member departments to assist them with:

    • Initial seed funding
    • Early-stage business planning
    • Negotiation of IP licenses from OLV
    • Strategies for IP protection
    • Deal negotiations with other companies
    • Opportunities for corporate partnerships
    • Regulatory pathway strategies
  • General business management guidance & mentoring

We also have a strategic partnership with Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. to provide our participating companies with affordable office space and lab facilities at the Alexandria Center for Science, Technology and Agriculture, which is located at 6 Davis Drive in Research Triangle Park. This office space provides an entrepreneurial environment designed for accelerated business growth and development.

To learn how to apply for funding, please click here.