Technology Review Committee

In addition to a board of directors, MedBlue Incubator has a Technology Review Committee, which also functions as a joint steering committee. The Technology Review Committee is chaired by Dr. Dani Bolognesi and is comprised of representatives from each of the member departments at Duke University, a representative from the Duke Office of Licensing & Ventures, MedBlue management, and strategically invited third parties.

The role of the Technology Review Committee is to review innovative medical technology and IP from entrepreneurs in the member departments (and potentially other departments within the Duke University community) that are identified in the review process of submitted proposals. Based on its review, the Committee selects the most promising opportunities for participation in the MedBlue Incubator program and makes its recommendations for funding to the MedBlue board of directors.

The current members of the MedBlue Technology Review Committee are:

  • Dani Bolognesi – Medicine
  • Ken Gall – Pratt School of Engineering (ME)
  • John Glushik – Duke Angels Network
  • Scott Palmer – Medicine
  • Nandan Lad – Neurosurgery
  • Josh Broder – Surgery
  • Sol Aronson – Anesthesiology
  • Herman Staats – Pathology
  • Ned Amendola – Orthopaedics
  • Dennis Thomas – Office of Licensing & Ventures
  • Nancy Stewart – CAN International Foundation
  • Bud Nelson – MedBlue
  • John Borrelli – Business Manager, Anesthesiology