Our application period/request for proposals is CLOSED.

See below for information on preferred proposal content, and email address for submission.

MedBlue Incubator typically invites members of the Duke University community to apply for funding and business support once or twice each year. A request for proposals will be sent out in advance.

Applications are thoroughly reviewed by the Technology Review Committee, which selects the most promising medical technology opportunities for support by the MedBlue Incubator program. The committee makes its recommendations for funding to the MedBlue board of directors.

 NOTE:  Funding is intended for development of the technology in a company setting (including for formation of a company, if not already formed), and is not intended for use by an investigator as research funds for the investigator’s lab.

When you apply, the Technology Review Committee evaluates proposals* based on a number of criteria, which include:

  • Brief introduction of overall scope
  • Innovation/robustness of technology
    • Is it novel, commercially attractive and tractable?
  • Commercial potential
    • Is there an unmet medical need? Market size? More than one substantial medical application?
  • Development status
    • Is there a prototype, screening method for identifying candidates, or functional assays to further develop candidates?
  • Would MedBlue investment enable the attainment of a key development milestone?
    • Does the proposal identify key milestones, technology used and cost to get there?
  • Potential sources for raising additional funding, such as government grants (e.g. SBIR/STTR, NC Bio)
    • Is this technology appealing to investors and commercial partners? Proposals should identify some deals made in this area of technology, if possible. Alternatively, list companies developing products in this space.
  • Intellectual property
    • What are the status and prospects of IP filings?
  • Yearly budget up to $75,000

*Note: There is no specific format for the application other than to address the above-listed criteria.  Typical application length is from 3-7 pages.  An application should be submitted by email as a pdf.

Apply no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the application closing day.

To learn more or submit a completed application, please contact Dr. Dani Bolognesi, Chair of the Technology Review Committee.