Strategic investors are invited to invest and become MedBlue shareholders. Investments will fund promising medical innovation at Duke University and provide you an opportunity to become more involved in the technology and IP of companies in the MedBlue program on a project-by-project basis. Such involvement could range from more frequent reviews, to sponsored research, to a collaboration of some form – which could ultimately lead to a liquidity event, such as a license or the establishment of a Newco, with more extensive involvement separately negotiated.

When you invest in MedBlue, you will receive:

  • Equity (common stock) in MedBlue
  • Upside in any increase in value of MedBlue
  • Dividends or other distributions from MedBlue to investors
  • Priority access on a regular basis to technology and IP under review by the MedBlue Technology Review Committee

To learn more, please contact Robert Bonczek.