MedBlue Announces MedBlue Grant Awards

Following the Request for Proposals that closed at the end of 2016, MedBlue is pleased to announce that the following Duke faculty will receive a grant from MedBlue, along with professional services, to facilitate the development and commercialization of the funded technology.


Duke Faculty                                          Company                      Technology

Nandan Lad, Ziad Gellad                   Higgs Boson, LLC        software app for patient management

Robert Lark                                              Ultros, LLC                    ultrasonic bone saw

Tim Sell, Brian Mann                            TBF*                            device and software app for joint stability assessment

Kamran Mahmood,   Paolo

Maccarini, Don Pearce, Jr.                   TBF*                               core biopsy device

RuRong Ji, Nandan Lad,  Ken Gall      TBF*                             device and cell therapy for treating chronic pain

Wolfgang Liedtke                                    TBF*                                topical treatment for pain


*TBF- To Be Formed